Powerful Cleaner Degreaser 5l Yacht Car House


CHARACTERISTICS: specific concentrated product for cleaning the walls of the bilge and any other surface of the hull which are contaminated by EXTREME DIRT (oils, greasy substances, diesel, lubricants and sludge). Neutralizing effect on any battery liquid dispersion. Effectively removes residues and incrustations of algae, molds and fungi. Does not damage plastic, rubber, fabrics, metals. .

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Pure to remove extreme dirt. Spray the product and leave it to act for 2/3 minutes then rinse with plenty of water or with a blow of compressed air. No scrubbing required.

Diluted 1:5-15 to remove heavy and particularly stubborn dirt.

Diluted 1:20-30 to remove normal dirt deposits. Use as a cleaner over the surface to be cleaned.

Diluted 1:50 as a cleaner for frequent washing (maintenance).

YIELD: according to the dirt


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