Piranha A 6 Led White P-6 24v

The Bluefin LED Piranha P6 is the more demanding option for small boats. In fact, its brightness of 2100 Lumens emits a particularly powerful beam able to spread the light over a particularly large underwater surface and create a very unique halo around the boat. Incredibly fast installation: just drill a central hole of only 13 mm where the cable will pass inside and screw in 3 screws (non-passing). All this must be accompanied by silicone to make the base adhere well and prevent water infiltration on the through hole. The Piranha P6, like the rest of the Bluefin LED underwater lights, offers the Builtin Driver solution, reverse polarity protection, active thermal control and a protective layer to prevent marine vegetation. The Piranha P6, like all Bluefin LED production, has obtained the Type Approval from RINA, as a guarantee of quality, safety and reliability. The color of the light is available in diamond white, topaz blue or emerald green. Also available is the RGBW color variation model (not adaptable to the DMX controller) capable of creating unique light effects on a luminous intensity of 2500 Lumen.

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