Mastervolt Inverter Ac Master 12v - 2500w


Mastervolt pure sine wave inverters have proven their quality under extreme conditions for more than 25 years. Our inverter family consists of AC Master, Mass Sine and Mass Sine Ultra models, from 300W up to 40kW. The AC Master is ideal for small to medium applications, while the Mass Sine inverters and advanced Mass Sine Ultra are designed for larger systems and professional use.

AC Master Series: Safe AC power for recreational and semi-professional use

These affordable pure sine wave inverters convert 12V or 24V battery voltage to stable 230V 50/60Hz or 120V 50/60Hz mains voltage, and are ideal for recreational and semi-professional applications. The AC Master series inverters are easy to install and provide maximum power even in difficult conditions. The pure sine wave form guarantees energy of absolute quality, essential for the functioning of sensitive equipment. The use of high-frequency switching technology eliminates any hum and vibration noise.

These robust inverters ensure the comforts of home when you are away from the grid, with excellent value for money.


  • Pure sine wave protects sensitive equipment.
  • They deliver full power and high peaks even under difficult conditions.
  • Automatic energy saving system for extended use.
  • Compact and lightweight design, saving time in installation.
  • Reliable and safe: protected against overtemperature, overload, short circuit, high and low battery voltage.
  • Variable speed fan reduces noise at low powers.
  • Optional remote control for switching off the inverter and connected equipment (not available for 300 and 500 W models).
  • Practical sockets for all models. Models 2500/3500 also equipped with clamps.

In addition, the 2500/3500 Watt models offer:

  • Possible parallel from 2 to 15 units for high power or three-phase systems.
  • Automatic transfer system between AC sources.


Both recreational and semi-professional use, where there is a shortage or lack of electricity. Among the applications: lighting, household appliances, electric cookers and tools. For (mobile) applications in the home, office, utility vehicles, or on vacation.

General specifications
Output voltage 230/240V – 50/60Hz (programmable)
Output waveform pure sine wave
Nominal battery voltage 12V
Recommended battery capacity ≥ 270Ah
Continuous power at 25°C / 77°F, cos phi 1 2500W
Continuous power at 40°C / 104°F, cos phi 1 2500W
Peak power (3 sec.) < 3000W
Peak power (< 0.2 sec.) < 4000W
AC connection terminal block + socket type EU (Schuko) or with NZ/AU plug (art.n. 28412500)
Efficiency 88%
Parallel connection yes, up to 15 units in parallel
Three-phase configurations yes, 3 units
Displays/readings LED indicators: battery voltage and status
Alarms clean alarm contact
Dimensions, hxwxd 283x436x128mm
11.1 x 17.2 x 5.0 inches
Weight 8kg
17.6 lbs
Certifications CE, E-mark, RCM
Technical specifications
Technology high frequency, isolated input and output
Shutdown due to low battery voltage 10.5V
Recovery from low battery voltage 12.5V
Shutdown due to high battery voltage 16.5V
Recovery from high voltage batteries 14.5V
Current consumption (at nominal load) 250A
Self-consumption (ON mode) < 3.6A
Self-consumption (energy saving mode) < 1.1A
DC fuse minimum size (slow blow) 300A
Minimum section of the cable 95mm²
Harmonic Distortion (typical) < 5 %
Cos phi all cos phi allowed
Transfer system integrated transfer system (inverter-grid: 8-10 ms, grid-inverter: 16-50 ms). Not for parallel and three-phase connection (external transfer system possible).
Room temperature -20 °C to 60 °C, power reduction > 40 °C
-4°F to 140°F
Cooling down controlled temperature and load fan
Degree of protection IP21, horizontal wall mounting
Protectors over temperature, overload, short circuit, high/low battery voltage, reverse polarity (fuse)
MasterBus compatible no

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